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DIY Questions and Answer

  • Should I Tile a Tub?

    Bath, DIY Questions and Answer, Remodeling, Tile January 11, 2001 admin

    Q: Do you foresee any problems with using ceramic tiles to re-surface the interior of a bathtub? A: If the tub is fiberglass or acrylic, then the answer is “don’t try it.” To tile a fiberglass tub, the tub must be fabricated with the intent of ultimately tiling over it. If cast iron, then you’d have to use epoxy to […]

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  • Should I Seal Landscape Pavers?

    DIY Questions and Answer, Outdoor Living, Patios October 19, 2000 admin

    Q: I’m planning to build a small patio area with landscape pavers. Should I seal the pavers? A: Sealing your pavers is not absolutely necessary, but it is recommended. A sealed paver surface is much easier to clean, and may even prevent staining. Also, sealing will enhance and maintain brightly colored pavers. Sealing your pavers will prevent the growth of […]

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