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  • Apply a Roll-on Truck Bed Liner

    Automotive February 20, 2012 Sonia

    By Matt Weber           I’m tough on a truck. To me, a pickup truck isn’t meant to be coddled like a toy poodle. I treat mine more like a sled dog, and although I keep the oil clean and the tires full of air, I don’t worry much about the exterior, particularly not the hauling surface […]

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  • DIY Install a Winch on a Pickup Truck

    Automotive, Automotive, Projects October 18, 2011 Sonia

      By Larry Walton   I’m sure you realize that your truck is one of the best tools you own. Not only does it get you to the jobsite or to the lumber yard and back, it hauls the other tools and supplies for your projects. You can improve the working capability of your truck by adding a winch. Not […]

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