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Build Your Own Backyard Gazebo

Construction How-To, Decks, Decks, Landscaping, Outdoor Living, Porches and Gazebos September 20, 2005 admin

If you’re looking for an eye-catching addition to your backyard that can give you maximum usability all year long, consider a gazebo.



What makes these mini-pavilions so appealing? For starters, they’re covered. While open-air decks and patios mostly depend on weather conditions to be usable, gazebos offer shelter from rain and shade from a hot sun. They provide a natural focal point for any backyard and work well for gatherings both large and small.

Even better; most gazebos can be built in a single weekend, giving you the rest of the season to enjoy your newly created outdoor living space. Here are a few considerations to remember when enhancing your backyard with a new gazebo.


Project Planning

Typical gazebo designs are six-sided, with railings and a peaked roof.  However, sizing and architecture can vary greatly to fit your yard, giving you a private retreat or a wide-open seating area. Finishing touches, such as latticework or decorative edging, can add distinction as well. Additionally, numerous manufacturers produce gazebo kits where you simply assemble the materials on-site.

Find a good set of plans for your gazebo. Detailed sketches and descriptions give you the direction you need to plan your project – and the more thorough the plan, the fewer trips to the lumberyard.


Sizing and Layout

Carefully choose a building site that is both level and provides a pleasant backdrop to create a truly relaxing gazebo retreat. Consider placing yours relatively close to the house, as experts have found the closer the gazebo is to the house, the more often it will get used. Additionally, the gazebo’s size should correspond with the available area and how much area is needed to comfortably accommodate every activity.

Remember, gazebos are ideal gathering places for larger groups so don’t skimp on the size. Taking time to make sure you’ll have room for tables, chairs and moving around will pay off in a big way – and make your gazebo a favorite spot for the whole family.