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2017 National Hardware Show Preview

National Hardware Show April 10, 2017 Sonia

Clearview Railing

With the innovative component-based design and all stainless steel construction, Clearview custom-made, prefabricated railing systems from AGS Stainless eliminate the need for any on-site welding or cutting of posts and railings. AGS’ design department generates CAD (computer-aided design) documents for each railing project to ensure precise, project-specific fabrication. Each Clearview railing system is made to order to the highest quality standards, and delivered to you ready to be installed with a few simple hand tools. Stainless steel components are available in either high-quality grade A304 or marine grade A316, and the infill options are: stainless steel cable, stainless steel horizontal bar or tempered glass panel. For more information, visit booth 491 or

Mosquito Dunks and Mosquito Bits

The key to preventing mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile virus, Zika virus and Chikungunya is controlling mosquito breeding grounds. Mosquito Dunks are the top selling biological mosquito control because they kill mosquitoes before they’re old enough to bite. The active ingredient is BTI, a natural bacterium that kills mosquito larvae but is harmless to people, pets, fish, plants and wildlife. When a donut-shaped Mosquito Dunk is placed in standing water, the BTI will kill mosquito larvae for up to 30 days. Just float biodegradable Mosquito Dunks in ponds, birdbaths, rainbarrels, fountains, and any standing water. In places where small amounts of water collect, such as potted plant saucers and tree holes, use a granular form of BTI called Mosquito Bits, which can kill mosquito larvae in swampy areas where water cannot be drained. Mosquito Bits are also approved for fungus gnat control in potted plants. Visit booth 11110 or

O’Keeffe’s Lip Repair and Skin Repair

Anyone who knows O’Keeffe’s will tell you that the company’s Guaranteed Hardworking Skincare products provide relief for the most severe cases of dry skin. The newest product, Lip Repair and Skin Repair, sets apart from the competition with its longevity and protective hydration. Lip Repair, O’Keeffe’s most requested item, is clinically proven to provide instant relief and all day moisture in just one use. It absorbs quickly to soften and smooth dry lips. With unrivaled clinical data, Skin Repair offers break-through 48-hour dry skin relief to repair extremely dry, itchy skin. This longevity gives users the ability to skip lotion application for a day and not notice a setback in the moisture levels of their skin. Visit booth 4716 or


SafeWorld Int’l. offers the CanGun1 premium spray can tool that features the world’s first FullGrip trigger with a 3:1 leverage advantage. The CanGun1 makes spraying the contents of virtually all standard spray cans of paint, lubricant, adhesives, etc. considerably easier, while providing professional results every time. The patented pistol-grip accessory easily snaps onto standard aerosol spray cans, transforming them into pro-style spray guns with unprecedented control for hours of effortless, pain-free spraying. The exclusive ergonomist-tested and arthritis-friendly design also makes it suitable for use while wearing gloves. The reusable CanGun1 is made in the USA with 80-percent recycled non-toxic plastic and recyclable packaging. Visit or booth 4909.